Why do sixers have a 6 on their shorts?

All three uniforms have a column of stars on each side of the t-shirts and shorts (seven on one side and six on the other) to represent the 1976-77 look, partly designed by Cunningham. Each uniform also has a PHILA TOUGH patch on the bottom of the shirt as a nod to the city and the fans. Ever since the team's name changed from the Syracuse Nationals to the Philadelphia 76ers in 1963, it makes sense that its first uniforms under the new name would be part of the list of the best Sixers uniforms in history. This t-shirt design featured the number “76 surrounded by 13 stars on the shorts.

The stars represent the 13 original colonies of the United States at the time of their formation. The team wore this uniform for two seasons. It was also the first 76ers uniform worn by Wilt Chamberlain, a league all-star. On one side of the t-shirts and shorts we have seven stars (four t-shirts, three shorts), on the other side of the uniform we have six stars.

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