What is the coolest neighborhood in philadelphia?

In any case, it has excellent taste and has been found in Philadelphia, a large but compact city that covers 135 square miles densely packed with culture, history, and dozens of neighborhoods. Conveniently located a short train, bus, or car ride from New York, Baltimore and Washington DC, Philadelphia is the perfect destination for a quick getaway, regardless of your interests. Whether it's the breweries of Manayunk, the fine art of Fairmount, the history of the Old City or the fire food scene, Philadelphia's local communities are bursting with personality and determination, just the way we like it, and are perfect for a weekend trip. These are the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia to stay in while you're here.

A little out of the ordinary, Manayunk offers the high street vibe without the suburban stagnation, thanks to loft-converted textile mills and retail spaces. With shops, restaurants, breweries and bars, you get all the trimmings of a downtown area without the hustle and bustle. The neighborhood surrounding Rittenhouse Square Park has some of the highest rents in the city, meaning you'll have a splendid time. With a relentless flow of crowds and things to do, Rittenhouse is a neighborhood that you can never get away with calling boring.

Washington Square West is one of Philadelphia's most welcoming and diverse neighborhoods; in fact, it has historically been home to Philadelphia's LGBTQ community. If you like to shop locally, you'll be lucky, since most of the stores in the area are small businesses. It's also home to a healthy mix of open spaces, such as the famous Washington Square Park and residential blocks, making it perfect for real city living with the opportunity to escape. Does Riverside live in the city center? Yes, please.

Right on the Schuylkill River, East Falls is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts looking for an opportunity to explore nature, even in the city. The sheer volume of parks and playgrounds also makes it a great place to raise a family (or just raise a dog and take it for a walk). Even though the area is mostly quieter and more family-oriented, you still have the opportunity to party, with nightlife spots so you can enjoy the night without leaving the area. Does anyone need a reason why a neighborhood called “beautiful view” is one of the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia? In case you're still not convinced, Bella Vista is Philadelphia's Little Italy, which means it's full of great food, great personalities, and the famous Italian market.

It's just outside of the city center, so you have a little more room to stretch out. With parks, playgrounds, and great schools galore, Bella Vista could be the perfect place to raise a family in Philadelphia.

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