Is south philly a good place to live?

The South Philadelphia lifestyle is one of the best in Philadelphia. Neighborhood pockets are dotted with shops and cafes, outdoor restaurants, and bars. Traditional streets lined with townhouses covered with awnings are home to families who have lived there for generations. Although long considered a working-class enclave, South Philadelphia has become home to many young professionals and craftsmen in recent years.

It includes several neighborhoods in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, including Bella Vista, Grays Ferry, Queen Village and more. Dickinson Narrows, a small section of the neighborhood between Pennsport and East Passyunk, is considered one of the most popular in the United States for its quality real estate at a great price. Known for the Italian market, as well as the place to find an authentic steak and cheese, the neighborhood has many restaurants and food markets. South Philadelphia homes for sale are a mix of 20th century townhomes, historic trinities, as well as newer condos and apartments.

South Philadelphia is a large area consisting of Bella Vista, Queen Village, East Passyunk, and more. South Philadelphia is more of a residential area compared to Center City with a mix of townhouses, townhouses, historic trinities and, more recently, a few apartment buildings.

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